Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Scrap it

Hello friends and new ones too
I have been more than busy, with life, with stuff both bad and good. Went on a CM retreat just two weekends ago with my dear friend Lynno and had a ball, not to mention good wine, fantastic shopping and also a yummy and relaxing massage for an hour! ahhhh scrapping and ME time, love it sooo much.

I have to get myself ready for another retreat this coming fri, I cannot wait, it will be a blast, a whole 3 nights worth of scrapping, not to mention the days. woooo, I just hope I can get over this blasted cold I have somehow gotten, think I was a bit run down.

Went to the fiskars sale in port melbourne, they have them twice a year and there were bargains galore.

I am absolutely loving my granny jeep which is my new scrapbooking trolley, 2 large baskets and swivel wheels - just perfect and less strain on me carrying everything! te he. The best ones are at the Victoria Market, the rest are sub-standard IMHO.

Am loving my new scrappy t-shirt purchased from the lovely Paula at Please go there and buy up!!! I will post a piccie, my t-shirt says scrapbooking forever, housework whenever - very me!