Saturday, September 19, 2009

scrappy friends

hello all just returned from the most fabulous week away with some very dear friends. Have loads of piccies I cannot wait to get processed and scrapped.

Love love love Phillip island, it always makes me so happy to visit there. We took the kids to see the penguins, gorgeous little creatures, and also the boys went to see the V8s race and us womens had the most beautiful and luxurious day being pampered at eco resort day spa (a must!!)

Back to scrapping, have just received another groovy parcel from my dear friends at budget scrapbooking... excited to look at new ideas and have some new products to play with.

I joined the six week challenge on paula's scrapbooking place, come along and play.

Found this tasty little morsel of usefulness on a blog

enjoy the weekend!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

cars and blog candies

hi y'all ever since my last post I have had a truck smash into me and write off my car, I have been to the snow with the kids, celebrated a very special friends 40th bday in style, I have won a hamper (the day my car was totalled) and I have enjoyed many a red wine... te he

On the scrappy front - Go here to this blog for a source of inspiration - and of course the best blog candy ;0 "all the things I love"
enjoy looking around the site and checking out inspirational work from Bev from the UK, thanks shazza via dinnae - HAA

Stampin' Up stamp club will be held tomorrow for the special few and we are currently working on "ME" art journals, what fun. If you would like a copy of our special spring catalogue, leave a comment below and I will post one out to you!

Life has been busy as always I am currently working on a layout - yeah it's taking me a while because it's a layout of heath ledger, and I am stuck (to put it mildly), need to get the journalling done and soon because it's for the ARTastic challenge ;)

BTW very important is the launch of budget scrapbooking - via
they have a fantastic subscription so you can receive great products hand-picked with layout ideas included for a low price of $24.95, run by two beautiful and talented woman, please go and support them.

Piccie above is Nate in Lake Mountain and my poor smashed car - Stay safe and hug those you love x Artsy Fartsy Mumma

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

slack or busy?

Howdy - have been sooo busy working 2 jobs (plus mummyhood) that I haven't had time to scratch myself.

Celebrated my ds 4th birthday this weekend with a charlie and lola party, I made a cake, I know you all scoff but YES, I actually made a pretty fab cake :) it was easy as, an icecream cake hedgehog style - too easy - choc magic is my new friend ;)

Loads happening, still have a space for my artsy fartsy mumma stamp club - so any takers??? let me know in comments and I will PM you... that's if you enjoy girly get together nights and free product! We will be looking at art journals and getting our creative juices flowing not to mention clearing some things that are stored in our brains.

Thanks to my gorgeous and talented friend Shazza I have been promoted to Supervisor with Stampin Up! yehar. Check out shazza's blog at

I have been working with another dear friend who has the BEST product (non-scrapping) called STERMIST, it rocks and for all of us mummies (and daddies) I think it's worth carrying in every nappy bag, handbag, bag bag etc. It is a spray that kills germs all organic and made in OZ, for those times when a toilet seat is suspect - spray STERMIST, for when you are out shopping and wanna spray the trolley where you little person sits, for when you are out eating in a public place and wanna ensure little germies arent lurking on your table... STERMIST... can I say anymore it's the most wonderful product esp. in these times of swine flu and other winter nasties.

The Melbourne Craft and Quilt Fair is on this weekend, I will try and attend, not one to miss out on checking stuff out, not to mention buying a few things ;) Nicole and Suz will be there under their new business of budget scrapbooking so stop buy and BUY some of the great packs that they have for sale. and

Last but not least go see BRUNO if you can handle it, it's all good fun and the whole audience will be laughing, sick and naughty humour but who doesn't need a bit of that now and then! go see it, if you are brave.


Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Scrap it

Hello friends and new ones too
I have been more than busy, with life, with stuff both bad and good. Went on a CM retreat just two weekends ago with my dear friend Lynno and had a ball, not to mention good wine, fantastic shopping and also a yummy and relaxing massage for an hour! ahhhh scrapping and ME time, love it sooo much.

I have to get myself ready for another retreat this coming fri, I cannot wait, it will be a blast, a whole 3 nights worth of scrapping, not to mention the days. woooo, I just hope I can get over this blasted cold I have somehow gotten, think I was a bit run down.

Went to the fiskars sale in port melbourne, they have them twice a year and there were bargains galore.

I am absolutely loving my granny jeep which is my new scrapbooking trolley, 2 large baskets and swivel wheels - just perfect and less strain on me carrying everything! te he. The best ones are at the Victoria Market, the rest are sub-standard IMHO.

Am loving my new scrappy t-shirt purchased from the lovely Paula at Please go there and buy up!!! I will post a piccie, my t-shirt says scrapbooking forever, housework whenever - very me!

Thursday, April 30, 2009


Ok , so I confess there has been lots of photos being taken just no layouts!

Life has been topsy turvy to say the least and I havent even wanted to do any scrapbooking but an opportunity will occur this weekend when I attend the scrap for cancer day at lower heidelberg golf club- cannot wait, to catch up with dear friends and enjoy a day out.

I have had a play with my new tool, the stampin up eyelet border punch, it is so pretty, so will post up a layout after this weekend. I will pack it right now into my crop stuff.

Have been searching and surfing lots of blog sites and also challenges, there are soooo many out there, all these ideas just spin in my head.

Just a reminder to all your star trekkies - that the new movie is out on 7/5 and it rocks!!!!! well worth a visit to your cinema, get tix now if you have to - but go see it. 4 / 5stars.

Also if anyone in vic is interested in a fantastic scrapbooking retreat please click on the links on my blog to Paula's scrapbooking place, 3 night retreat held in Lancefield June long weekend, it will be a rip snorter - but hurry as there is a high demand. I have attached a piccie from our last retreat, fun, scrapping, shopping and the odd drink or two ;)

love n peace

Saturday, April 11, 2009

crop for kids, scrappy stuff

Hi it's me again, last weekend we had an absolute ball, shopping more than scrapping at crop for kids (supporting RCH good friday appeal) thanks so much to all the wonderful people working behind the scenes to help support this most wonderful cause.

I created a whole 3 pages, but it was so worth catching up with my dear friends Paula and Eunice from Paula's scrapbooking place and now proud owner of scrapbooking and beyond which will soon have my yummy aprons for sale.

Another website you absolutely most positively must look at is arti.licious cafe and gallery and if you are in the area pop in there for some yummy coffee - 32 Queen st, warragul (just near ALDI). Love the chandelier Marie!

Stampin' Up! 2009-2010 catalogue is now out, e me if you would like a copy (12.95AUD), I will attach a photo of the new colours - they are GORGEOUS! Any orders are welcome through me!

Also attaching a layout of my DH. x mwahh for now

Sunday, March 29, 2009

movies, i-phones and holidays

Watched a thriller/horror movie this morning with hubby - called the uninvited - scary stuff... and may just give me nightmares, that'll teach me, the stepmum character was well cast and the end twist is very reminiscent of M Night Shamalyan movies, the storyline is very clever and I found myself jumpy at work when it got dark and no-one was around. 3 1/2 stars for entertainment.

I was such a lucky and spoiled girly because I know have an i-phone and ooo the excitement begins, yes I am wanting every dang accessory there is to be had, esp. if it's pink purple or glitzy and glam, have searched for hours trying to find on the www a funky speaker/dock thingy to go with it... alas nothing has excited me.

Went to Island breeze resort, Phillip Island this past week with family and had the most wonderful relaxing time, eating and drinking wayyyy to much and taking loads of piccies. The kids stayed mainly in the pool and we had a visit from their cousins on the saturday, whom my kids absolutely adore. I also bumped into Marie and Leesa ( who were on a weekend retreat, I managed to get 10 or so layouts done so I was very happy, although they do lack journalling, something I will have to rectify.

My favourite photos from the holiday are the cousins in the cupboard LOL and my little guy in the rain on the cowes jetty. Enjoy... AFM x

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

busy times

Hello all

I have been so busy lately not sure where March has gone. We have been celebrating twn wonderful years of marriage (me and hubby) and I have also just come back from a weekend's scrap retreat - oh the fun.

I will post up a pic of us girlys on retreat and also a pic of Mike and I photographed by Nic Finlayson of Warragul. She's one talented chicky babe.

Enjoy, will blog more when I am not at work ;)

Monday, March 2, 2009


here is the pic, drives me nuts, sometimes my piccie doesnt appear :(

Sunday, March 1, 2009


hello from snoozy land
Stampin' Up! has released the long awaited retiring stamps list. It's long but it means NEW stamps to ooh and ahhh over, plus 6 new in-colours. I believe I have blown every scrapbooking budget lately but there are new things to be had, and being an impatient puss, I cannot wait, well there is that, and also that I am going on retreat in two weeks!!! so new products means fun fun fun.

Had the most fun day today having our 10 year anniversary photo shoot by the talented Nic Finlayson, cant wait to see the results.

Here is one of my fav pics from the weekend to warragul - cousins having fun! enjoy


Monday, February 23, 2009

winning streak

Hello all
I received an email last night to say I'd won a book from scrapscene, scrapscene is a great source for different products and gorgeous work from all around, I love looking at it, it's always got something worth peeking at.
I think this will definately be my year to win lots. Well I hope anyway. A car would be lovely! ;)
A big month is ahead for us and me, with my 10th anniversary with hubby at the start of march, then off to scrapbook retreat no 1 for the year with Michele and Paula "retreats r us" then followed by a week of drinking eating and swimming at Phillip Island for our yearly holiday. Yahhh
Last night I found a great site which has creative and very pretty layouts - go here: there are sketches for inspiration.
I will post up a pic of my gorgeous girl going to a sleepover party up the road and also my latest layouts. (although one is on the side ooops)
Yesterday was the bushfire memorial day, it was a really nice, fitting tribute, the work is yet to begin for all those communities that will rebuild in the fire affected areas, the pain and heartache will be felt for years.
Go Heath! I am proud that he will take off the Oscar (surely) for best supporting actor, him in a nurses uniform is priceless, RIP heath x

Thursday, February 12, 2009

scrappers cardmakers lets all help

Hi everyone
I was racking my brain trying to think about how I can use my humungous supplies for the good of all those affected by our worst fire day in OZ. The lovely Sandie has eased my brain temporarily, here is her wonderful idea. Can you please help out???? let me know or just go directly to her blog. hugs to all

from her blog...

Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Would you like to help??????????????

I have just had a phone call from my sister and I've gotta say I'm a bit excited!!!!.

A local craft group in her town is running a Card Drive for the Fire Victims.
I am going to run one too. Would you like to join in?????

All you need to do is make some cards or if you have any in your stash made up already. Then you can either pop $5.00 in the card yourself or maybe friends and family would like to give you the $5.00. (The idea would be for the victims to buy something just for themselves)


I will then organize for these cards to be sent to the fire victims. I will not be sending them through the post - I will arrange for them to be delivered to them so they get to the right people.
If you would like to join in please send all cards to me. You can contact me via email for my postal address. (Just click on my Profile at the side bar to find the email link -ta)

Thanks for your support.

Luv Sandie

Photo above was taken by Nic Finlayson located in warragul (right where my hubby's family are) :( (photographer)

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Melbourne bush fires

What absolute sadness has come over our gorgeous state - bushfires that have claimed too many lives, houses and not to mention animals, I am saddened to hear of all the devastation but cannot switch off from listening, wanting to know more, wanting to know how I can help.
One of my better traits is being empathetic, but with this comes the sadness that sometimes overwhelms me when I hear of such heartbreak.
The beautiful town of Marysville is GONE, a place that hubby and I just visited late last year for a romantic rendeavouz, I just cannot believe that it has been burnt to the ground, I intend to do a layout of our weekend away there, and I will post when it is complete.
Tonight I am grateful, grateful that the fires came nowhere near us, grateful that my extended family and friends in warragul and drouin are safe and out of danger, grateful that I have the most loving family to go home to tonight after work.
To all those who are suffering and have lost, my heart goes out to you.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

girlyfriends are the best

Had the most glorious morning catching up with my dear girlfriend today Lynno - she and I hit the sale at simply scrapbooking, then onto a fabo kidswear shop Purple Patch where I bought the most gorgeous top for Nate (it's for when we go to Phillip Island) plus it is aussie made! and then onto Lillies on Brougham, a stylish, classy and yummy nursery/cafe where we sat outside had glorious snacks and coffee (all in air conditioning!) then upstairs to a fantastic 75% clothing sale where I clung tightly to a gorgeous white jacket, it's now securely in my wardrobe ready to be worn, worn and then worn again. Of course I asked the lady to wrap it in the tissue wrap I had spied which was black flourish tissue that would be just perfect for cards or inclusion on a scrap page.
Of all the days I forgot to bring along my camera *sigh* so no piccies of us having a wonderful time, just the memories.
Came home to a winning letter - absolutely love those the best, so we will take delivery in a couple of weeks of a water tank, which has been on our wish list.

All in all, today was a great day.... kids played up going to bed but now after several hours they are snug as bugs... it's still stinky humid here in melbourne... but at least our a/c is working TODAY.

ciao 4 now

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

winning - ah I love it!

hi y'all
I just had to add this post from Anna from Koko Vanilla Designs... I am a winner - yahhhh

go visit her at

gorgeous designs ;)

my winning post:

Winner of $15 Gift Voucher is....

Hi Guys,

Sorry its taken a bit long to get the winner announced but here is Melbourne we have had two consecutive days of 43 degrees and I am over it big time. There really isn' t much to do except go to the pools or shopping centres with good aircon. We have airconditioning but its only in our main family room and it's struggling to keep up. So sitting here typing this right now is pretty uncomfortable because I would say it's about 38 degrees in this room with no air flow so I can only stay on the computer and do stuff for 15 min intervals before I get too hot and have to go in the other room to cool down a bit.

Anyway thanks to the 3 ladies who commented I must say for all the lurkers on this blog I was a little disappointed there weren't more comments, but I understand that sometimes it takes courage to comment on blogs if you haven't done it before and time as well. It's just nice to get feedback especially when running a business on line because it's not as easy to gauge what customers like or don't like and often comments are a good way of getting communication back. Plus it's nice to check all your blogs and see who the circle of people that read my blog are so that I can comment on your blogs as well.

Okay so the winner was chosen by my eldest daughter, I put the 3 names in a bowl and she picked one out

The winner of the $15 gift voucher drumroll ************

Tanstar - Great tutorial, it inspires me to go home after work and try it out... the layout is gorgeous. I would love to see more of your future tutorials. Thanks for sharing.

So please contact me Tanstar at for your voucher details. woooooo i just love to win.....

need to scrap more!!!!

also if anyone needs any stampin up stuff I am here.

Monday, January 26, 2009

tagging n stuff

I have been tagged by the gorgeous and talented photographer/scrappy chick Nic Finlayson.

here are the rules:

  1. Go to where you store you pictures on your computer.
  2. Go to the SIXTH folder and pick the SIXTH picture.
  3. Post that picture on your blog along with a SHORT story about it.
  4. You know the rest. Tag SIX people and leave a comment on their blog or email them letting them know you chose them.

so I chose


The above picture is of my gorgeous son, he is about 9 \months old in this picture, wearing a top from my American cousin Kathy, he is on the toyroom floor and enjoying his fake hamburger, I remember getting down to his level and just taking heaps of photos of him, he was and still is soooo cute, he had hardly any hair at all. This was March of 2006 and we were going on holidays to phillip island, we do this every year with Michael's dad to Island Breeze Resort, I love it there, the kids love the pool and walks along the beach. This year will be Nate's 4th year of family week away with his Poppa Jon and Di... This photo makes me smile.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

hello there to my hoard o fans - hehe
Life has continued to remain busy, I had fun this weekend celebrating my gorgeous girls 8th birthday, yes it has been a whole eight years since I started my journey as a mummy and Mike and I became a "family". It has been wonderful, gone fast and there have been tears (lots of them mine) and so many happy times, thank goodness I have my scrapbooking to remind me of all the adventures we have had in 8 years. My girl is healthy and happy and that's all that matters, she is loving (sometimes) to her little bro and has such a wide range of different friends.

I have been creating, not as much as I would like - LOL but that's life.

Here are some gorgeous pics from boxing day and also my latest layout...

Monday, January 5, 2009

my last post no pix

I dont know why - maybe it was the universe, but my last post I could NOT post any photos, will try again.

Life has been quiet - thank goodness, although not last night because my house was a rock band, yep Hubby cannot get off Guitar Hero world tour, he loves it... if it had more bon jovi songs I'd love it too fer sure.

I have scrapbooked a page and got ready for another two, just need embells and sticking down. easy peasy.

Went to heidi swapp class the other day with my sister and best friend and it was absolutely awesome, meet up with all my talented scrappy friends and it was an absolute blast, full on - Heidi is such a gorgeous woman, she is inspirational. Oh and she got me onto distress inks from Tim Holtz - wow am I obsessed!

Have yet to complete my soulology layouts - slacker - I need to seriously knuckle down and get piccies and words onto paper. I have started taking photos of the everyday for the becky higgins 365 challenge go here for details you cannot get the kit at the moment, it's sold out, ah well that will save me some $$$$, but I love the concept of taking a photo every day... it is a good reminder to enjoy the little things we may forget.

Anyhoo off for my ice break fix - hugs to all.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

ok so.... its 2009

This year is gunna be big - I can feel it in me waters ;) he he
I am going to become a better and bigger stampin up! consultant, a better mummy and wife (of 10 years!!!) and scrapping will be my big focus, get those pics on all my gorgeous papers I have been hoarding. LOL
I have been checking out various blogs - my friend shazzas and also Paula at Paulas Scrapbooking Place and Becky Higgins 365 challenge - woe my head is going to explode, I am so motivated if only it wasnt 4am in the morning....
I will now stop all the waffling and actually post up piccies - no organisation really just whatever tickles my fancy.
as Ned says from Ned and Stacey "sit back and enjoy the show".