Sunday, November 23, 2008


hello to all my hoard of readers, not! anyhoo I have been as slack as, or as I like to think - busy as!

I have not blogged in sooooo long its a wonder my poor little blog can stand the attention.

I have been away four weekends in a row,
week 1 was my gorgeous girlyfriends island getaway for her 40th birthday
week 2 we tripped off to warragul and I spent some great time with Marie (from Simply Said) and also family
week 3 dear hubby and I went away sans kids for a romantic weekend in marysville, compliments of winning a competition at my work
week 4 (last weekend) I just got back from the most wonderful scrapbooking retreat with all my talented and drunk friends, or is that just me???

I have been slowly chipping away at my soulology project, well I am 3 pages behind... but anyway it is soooo much fun and inspiring, I have joined so many talented ladies in our endeavour to actually search our souls quite deeply and scrap US!!! not kids, not dogs, not partners, not holidays. It has fired me up!
I will post a piccie of my first two weeks when I get a chance.
This is the talented woman who running the course - check her out - erica martin, she is one funky chicky scrapper go here...
I also love that she is a stampin up consultant, love my stamps - the quality cant be matched.
Enough rambles for today I will post up 2 piccies of my yummy son at his playgroup.
Cheers for now - artsy fartsy mumma

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

whats happening

Well the HAWKS won the grand final and it was a fantastic game of footy! Our house was full of great friends/family, booze, screaming and absolute drunkeness... and that was just the kids! LOL.. just kidding.

Scrap wise - my area had to be packed up and shoved in my back scrap room, not good really I dont walk past and see some little something that catches my eye that gets me wanting to do a layout asap.

I got photos taken recently on a visit to the country (where hubby grew up) my dear scrappy friend Nic took some absolutely gorgeous pirate piccies, this is the start of her photographic career, let me tell you she rocks! I love her eye for detail. Please go to just like heaven blog if you are in Victoria and need some gorgeous family or kiddy pics taken.

I have not been enjoying the school holidays, I can never think of how to entertain the kids, and even when I do, they always want more!

I have posted a few photos of my family, they are my loves and my life.

Monday, September 15, 2008


Hello all
Have been as slack as - no posts lately, seems life is just slipping by, not for my scrapbooking though, have been creating like mad!

Will put up my pix of my layouts for all to see.

Also did a groovy off the page wooden monogram for my dear friend Lisa who turned 30 last week. Came out noice!

Sunday, August 31, 2008

In sickness and health

My Hubby is certainly living up to his vows, he has been an absolute honey while I have been stuck in bed sick as a dog.

Onto happy things... I went to a scrapping retreat the weekend just past (last week) and it was fun and so good to just put all my scrap stuff out and create, not to mention good ol shopping with Paula. Visited Scrappy Hollow in croydon on the way there for the 1st time and that place rocks! It has such cool stuff, I am going there again (with a full wallet *wink*).

The creative juices have been flowing even in my dillusional state of sleep and more sleep coupled with codral tabs, I have been so enthused to create layouts, will post them when I get home from work.

Happy creating everyone. A F Mumma

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Choir Girl!

newsflash!!!!! My DD Indy got an acceptance letter today from her audition with the Australian Childrens Choir!!! How excitement. My little angel has been singing (on the toilet and in the shower) since she was a wee 2 year old... she has an angelic voice if she thinks no one is listening.

Will post more details as they come to hand, ahhhh I can see another scrapbook layout or 100 of her singing up a storm.

Sweet dreams x

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Bon Jovi Rocks

For a long time now I have been teaching my now 3 year old son to say "Bon Jovi rocks" much to his fathers distaste... we have differing opinions about music to say the least. Anyhoo I had to post this from Supernatural's final ep. LMAO

Friday, August 1, 2008

heidi is coming

well the rush was on this morning to get registered for Create 08 with Heidi Swapp in december. I am crossing my fingers that my 9.01 finish time got us in. Having meet Heidi at an inspiration convention in 2004 I am very excited to once again join her for classes, she is one talented lady, plus she loves pink!

Have been frantically trying to find old 35mm camera photos from the 2004 event but to no avail, shall not spend my WHOLE day (kidless) looking for pix, although if I was ORGANISED, then it wouldnt been so hard, ah well another life!

Will be scrapping tonight with my dear friend Sam (pictured above), and after a few reds I am sure that the scrapping will be faster and easier LOL.

Have been going crazy with my DLSR and have finally actually printed out some pix at Harvey Norman, so more to scrap, loving my camera, the pix are very spec. I am attaching a pic of Sam and I which WASNT taken with my nikon but with my panasonic point and shoot camera on the night we saw Batman movie at Crown gold class.

Better move my buttocks and actually do something constructive here today - read: boring.

Hugs tan

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Puff n stuff

Well I have been shopping and creating, my two very favourite things, had the best day the other day, got money for nothing, went shopping - spent most of my money for nothing, got heaps o bargains at the FISKARS sale, came home and started creating. Had lunch overlooking the ocean with a dear girlyfriend and her daughter, yummy prawn pizza washed down with verdehlo. Life is pretty good I say.

I will attach my piccy of all my goodies that I purchased - 3 bags full as the song goes! he he

It was noted by a dear colleague at work that I do not have any pics of my precious indy on this blog, so will make sure I add her piccy... slack mumma I am. She is stunning, has that gorgeous soft skin that anyone would envy.

Today I will be looking at ways to make money, yes I need a bit more of the dollar - so will post anything good that I find, I love to share x

Enjoy the rest of your weekend, I am off to work soon, I hope my eyes will keep open *yawn*.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

My baby dark knight

i absolutely love it, My husband pure genius, yes hun you are the best. My son is now BATMAN, well just for his third birthday cd cover, he is one gorgeous little guy... brag! brag!

Had a fantastic day yesterday celebrating the big "3", he had so many lollies and cake and loads of wonderful presents from his nearest and dearest. Our Thomas roundhouse we bought him was a huge hit and he was laying on the floor most of the day, playing and working it all out (from every angle) to then sleeping with his die cast CARS cars... noisy things in the middle o the night I tell you.

Having a great get together tomorrow night for my stampin up! 1st ever stamp club called the artsy fartsy mummas, should be great, especially if our new stamps arrive in time, for more playing fun!

Have had a relaxing morning getting a facial and waxing done at the local beauty school where the 16 y/o took care of me so well. Then had to dash off (read: speed) to get to Indy's school to see her get her PUPIL OF THE WEEK award.

ciao for now - T

Friday, July 11, 2008

time is slippin and so am I

Sorry all, have been indispose, or should I say bombarded by the school holidays. It's been busy busy.

Luna Park on Monday was fun! albiet freezing fricken cold... good ol Melbourne for you. Check out the pic above of my gorgeous boys x
Havent created much lately - need to seriously make cards for several little friends, although did do layouts last weekend at workshop, no journalling though - yes I deserve a slap for that!

Good news - entourage will be back on the screens for another season in a few months... ohhhh that Adrian Grenier is a hunk! Gets my spider senses tingling x

Hanging out for my little man to turn 3 next week, and give up his precious "bopples".

Am still having fun with my new nikon dslr but alas the dang flash I bought with it, doesnt work, or does, only when it feels like it, so back to the shop it goes!

Exciting news with Heidi Swapp coming to OZ in december, I better start saving my $$$$$.

Anyhoo back to the boring domestic stuff, or maybe time for a nana nap...hmmmm

Sunday, June 29, 2008

my new model

Well today being sunday I am at work, working hard, yeah right I hear you cry, anyhoo I have been going crazy trying to work out family assistance payment and also child care rebates, it does your head in I tells ya... you need a double degree and then some just to even get close to working out who and where payments come from. Anyhoo, I will just cross my fingers for some sort of tax refund.

On a happy note, my son kindly modelled for me yesterday so I could play with my new camera, he is such a sweetie, oh and not to mention very photogenic... yes I am biased.

Went to a gorgeous fundraising trivia night last night, our table the champions came in 3rd, so not bad out of 30 odd tables, and I must say we would have come first had the questions been more our era!!! YKWIM. It was organised through Bunnings warehouse Mill Park, to raise funds for a family in need whose Dad/Hubby has cancer, so a very good cause. I will post a pic of me wrapped up in toilet paper later LOL.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

a camera plus add 1 plasma

Hello all,
I am extremely titilated this arvo, as I got a digital SLR - Nikon D40, not the newest model but hey I think I will enjoy it as I get to play the whole focusing thing like the old days with our pentax slr. I am hoping to be able to post up some cool shots soon, gotta wait now while the battery pack charges... tic toc!

So when I was getting my camera my DH asked did I want a plasma with that, well sure hon! bring it on, now nip tuck and I can get intimate in my bedroom, the old X-box, (we've been in upgrading frenzy) will be my media centre so Bon Jovi will be singing his heart out in my BEDROOM, that's as close as I will ever get I am sure ;)

Have been trying like crazy to sort out my scrapbooking supplies, I can tell you this is one big job! I am hoping to have a better working room for all crafts.

PS if you like the apron pictured on my blog you can purchase one, they are high quality black aprons with double pockets, for storing all sorts of things when you are in a crafty frame o mind. For $28 and a small amount of postage I can get one to you.

Anyhoo, the kids are on the nag for my attention better get moving.

O roo for now - Tan

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Today is a new day

Am getting to finally enjoy my Wii fit that I won, well between hubby and the kids, plus the neigbours kids hogging it, I hardly get a chance, and just between you me and the fencepost, I am the one who needs it the most ;)

I created a beautiful card last night for a dear friends 1 year old, precious little girl, had fun using my new stampin up! stamps and of course one of my fav products, the dazzling diamonds - very yummy glitter. I will post my pic, although my photographing of it doesnt show it's glitzy beauty. Oh well.

Life is flat out as usual, have been trying to compare the Nikon D40 with the Nikon D60 to see which DSLR I should get, so many differing opinions, think I will need to do more research and have a touch and feel at the camera store. I will keep you posted. I am hoping to get one before my dear son turns 3 in a couple of weeks.

Todays adventure will be me looking for paint and a bookcase with Nate who loves to shop NOT, just like his dad.

Monday, June 23, 2008

My first ever blog - ooooo

Hiya all to all those creative mummas out there, I just discovered in the wee hours that my guru, my lover, my partner for life has been living a secret life, he's got a blog!!! So here is mine because he said "it is so simple". Like my life - LOL

I am a mum, I am crazy, I am creative, I am messy as all hell, I am a good friend and I could keep going but I cant think right now.

I love scrapbooking, its my muse, my thing, I love to buy scrapbook supplies, did I mention I am also a shopaholic *grin* - anyhoo I also sell scrapbooking aprons and stampin up! stamps.

My other passion is competition entering... so far this year I have won lots of little nice prizes, but my recent win was a Wii and Wii fit, something I had been wanting since Mothers day, now just to get on the thing and lose some weight :)

I will attach my latest layout that I created for a mag competition.