Sunday, August 31, 2008

In sickness and health

My Hubby is certainly living up to his vows, he has been an absolute honey while I have been stuck in bed sick as a dog.

Onto happy things... I went to a scrapping retreat the weekend just past (last week) and it was fun and so good to just put all my scrap stuff out and create, not to mention good ol shopping with Paula. Visited Scrappy Hollow in croydon on the way there for the 1st time and that place rocks! It has such cool stuff, I am going there again (with a full wallet *wink*).

The creative juices have been flowing even in my dillusional state of sleep and more sleep coupled with codral tabs, I have been so enthused to create layouts, will post them when I get home from work.

Happy creating everyone. A F Mumma

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