Sunday, November 23, 2008


hello to all my hoard of readers, not! anyhoo I have been as slack as, or as I like to think - busy as!

I have not blogged in sooooo long its a wonder my poor little blog can stand the attention.

I have been away four weekends in a row,
week 1 was my gorgeous girlyfriends island getaway for her 40th birthday
week 2 we tripped off to warragul and I spent some great time with Marie (from Simply Said) and also family
week 3 dear hubby and I went away sans kids for a romantic weekend in marysville, compliments of winning a competition at my work
week 4 (last weekend) I just got back from the most wonderful scrapbooking retreat with all my talented and drunk friends, or is that just me???

I have been slowly chipping away at my soulology project, well I am 3 pages behind... but anyway it is soooo much fun and inspiring, I have joined so many talented ladies in our endeavour to actually search our souls quite deeply and scrap US!!! not kids, not dogs, not partners, not holidays. It has fired me up!
I will post a piccie of my first two weeks when I get a chance.
This is the talented woman who running the course - check her out - erica martin, she is one funky chicky scrapper go here...
I also love that she is a stampin up consultant, love my stamps - the quality cant be matched.
Enough rambles for today I will post up 2 piccies of my yummy son at his playgroup.
Cheers for now - artsy fartsy mumma

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  1. Hey slack blogger...

    You've won a blog award - check it out on my blog.

    Mwah - Nic x