Sunday, March 29, 2009

movies, i-phones and holidays

Watched a thriller/horror movie this morning with hubby - called the uninvited - scary stuff... and may just give me nightmares, that'll teach me, the stepmum character was well cast and the end twist is very reminiscent of M Night Shamalyan movies, the storyline is very clever and I found myself jumpy at work when it got dark and no-one was around. 3 1/2 stars for entertainment.

I was such a lucky and spoiled girly because I know have an i-phone and ooo the excitement begins, yes I am wanting every dang accessory there is to be had, esp. if it's pink purple or glitzy and glam, have searched for hours trying to find on the www a funky speaker/dock thingy to go with it... alas nothing has excited me.

Went to Island breeze resort, Phillip Island this past week with family and had the most wonderful relaxing time, eating and drinking wayyyy to much and taking loads of piccies. The kids stayed mainly in the pool and we had a visit from their cousins on the saturday, whom my kids absolutely adore. I also bumped into Marie and Leesa ( who were on a weekend retreat, I managed to get 10 or so layouts done so I was very happy, although they do lack journalling, something I will have to rectify.

My favourite photos from the holiday are the cousins in the cupboard LOL and my little guy in the rain on the cowes jetty. Enjoy... AFM x

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