Sunday, September 5, 2010

new Stampin Up catalogue

Hi all

I am posting today about a groovy new set that Stampin' Up! is selling, and yep I can order it.  Most of my friends know I absolutely love Tim Holtz and distressing is my thing, well we now sell a tool kit for inking and distressing, it has 4 unreleased colours - go ahead check out the blurb and let me know what you think.

Distressing Essentials
Features & Benefits:
Helps you create an aged, vintage look on card stock, paper, and more
Includes a variety of distressing tools Sanding tools 1 sanding block: approximate size 7.6 x 2 x 3.8 cm 1 two-sided emery board: approximate size 10 x 2 cm 3 precision files: approximate length each 14 cm
Inking tools 4 distressing ink spots, 1 each of Charcoal, Mahogany, Navy, and Tea Stain: approximate size 2.5 x 2.5 cm
Flat stamp for applying ink: approximate size 2.5 x 3.8 cm
Sanding block and emery board have Stampin’ Up! design Precision files fit inside areas that are too small for sanding blocks, such as the inside areas of On Board letters Sanding block, emery board, and precision files are great for smoothing edges of card stock or Designer Series Paper that has been adhered to On Board chipboard Distressing ink is water-based and blendable Distressing ink contains alcohol; do not use in scrapbooks Comes in soft plastic case

To get an aged look with the distressing ink, you’ll need to mist the ink with water either before or after you apply it to your project. The water will cause the ink to dilute and bleed, resulting in a vintage appearance.
To get a subtle ink stain look, use the flat stamp to apply the vintage ink to your projects. (If you apply the ink directly from the spot to the paper, the ink will look too concentrated.) Dab the ink pad on the flat stamp and rub it over your paper. You can mist the ink while it’s on the stamp and then apply it to your project, or you can apply it to your project and then mist the ink.
You can also use an Aqua Painter to apply the ink directly to a stamped image (be sure to use a waterproof ink like StazOn on your stamped image before colouring it with distressing ink).
The inks work best on paper that has been crinkled or embossed. Crumple card stock or paper into a ball, and then smooth it out. Dab the ink on your stamp and rub it over the card stock. The ink will be thicker on the creases in the paper, resulting in an aged, distressed look. To intensify the distressed look, lightly mist your card stock with water so the ink bleeds. After the card stock dries, you can sand the edges to distress your project even more.

Enjoy the process, there are no mistakes.

Tan :)


  1. Hi Tanya!

    Would love to see you join in the FS2S challenge this month....Get Nate to do a few painted handprints for you....on paper ofcourse !!

    See ya round

  2. Hi Tanya. Did your parcel from me arrive safely? I hope so!! love your blog..lots of interesting things to read on here.

  3. Thanks ladies, shazza dont think I can achieve it now... :(
    although am scrapping tomorrow :) we'll see!
    Hi Julene - thanks so much x