Saturday, June 28, 2008

a camera plus add 1 plasma

Hello all,
I am extremely titilated this arvo, as I got a digital SLR - Nikon D40, not the newest model but hey I think I will enjoy it as I get to play the whole focusing thing like the old days with our pentax slr. I am hoping to be able to post up some cool shots soon, gotta wait now while the battery pack charges... tic toc!

So when I was getting my camera my DH asked did I want a plasma with that, well sure hon! bring it on, now nip tuck and I can get intimate in my bedroom, the old X-box, (we've been in upgrading frenzy) will be my media centre so Bon Jovi will be singing his heart out in my BEDROOM, that's as close as I will ever get I am sure ;)

Have been trying like crazy to sort out my scrapbooking supplies, I can tell you this is one big job! I am hoping to have a better working room for all crafts.

PS if you like the apron pictured on my blog you can purchase one, they are high quality black aprons with double pockets, for storing all sorts of things when you are in a crafty frame o mind. For $28 and a small amount of postage I can get one to you.

Anyhoo, the kids are on the nag for my attention better get moving.

O roo for now - Tan

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