Sunday, June 29, 2008

my new model

Well today being sunday I am at work, working hard, yeah right I hear you cry, anyhoo I have been going crazy trying to work out family assistance payment and also child care rebates, it does your head in I tells ya... you need a double degree and then some just to even get close to working out who and where payments come from. Anyhoo, I will just cross my fingers for some sort of tax refund.

On a happy note, my son kindly modelled for me yesterday so I could play with my new camera, he is such a sweetie, oh and not to mention very photogenic... yes I am biased.

Went to a gorgeous fundraising trivia night last night, our table the champions came in 3rd, so not bad out of 30 odd tables, and I must say we would have come first had the questions been more our era!!! YKWIM. It was organised through Bunnings warehouse Mill Park, to raise funds for a family in need whose Dad/Hubby has cancer, so a very good cause. I will post a pic of me wrapped up in toilet paper later LOL.

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