Sunday, January 25, 2009

hello there to my hoard o fans - hehe
Life has continued to remain busy, I had fun this weekend celebrating my gorgeous girls 8th birthday, yes it has been a whole eight years since I started my journey as a mummy and Mike and I became a "family". It has been wonderful, gone fast and there have been tears (lots of them mine) and so many happy times, thank goodness I have my scrapbooking to remind me of all the adventures we have had in 8 years. My girl is healthy and happy and that's all that matters, she is loving (sometimes) to her little bro and has such a wide range of different friends.

I have been creating, not as much as I would like - LOL but that's life.

Here are some gorgeous pics from boxing day and also my latest layout...

1 comment:

  1. Hi Tan,
    Love the pics of the kids. they grow up quick don't they!
    I had a laugh at your "Shopoholic" layout, you crack me up!
    Can't wait to get toghether soon. Would love to feature you next on my new "Monthly Blogspot"! What do you think?

    Cheers for now

    and a Happy 8th Birthday to Indy! hip hip hoorey!