Tuesday, July 21, 2009

slack or busy?

Howdy - have been sooo busy working 2 jobs (plus mummyhood) that I haven't had time to scratch myself.

Celebrated my ds 4th birthday this weekend with a charlie and lola party, I made a cake, I know you all scoff but YES, I actually made a pretty fab cake :) it was easy as, an icecream cake hedgehog style - too easy - choc magic is my new friend ;)

Loads happening, still have a space for my artsy fartsy mumma stamp club - so any takers??? let me know in comments and I will PM you... that's if you enjoy girly get together nights and free product! We will be looking at art journals and getting our creative juices flowing not to mention clearing some things that are stored in our brains.

Thanks to my gorgeous and talented friend Shazza I have been promoted to Supervisor with Stampin Up! yehar. Check out shazza's blog at http://shazzacraft.blogspot.com/

I have been working with another dear friend who has the BEST product (non-scrapping) called STERMIST, it rocks and for all of us mummies (and daddies) I think it's worth carrying in every nappy bag, handbag, bag bag etc. It is a spray that kills germs all organic and made in OZ, for those times when a toilet seat is suspect - spray STERMIST, for when you are out shopping and wanna spray the trolley where you little person sits, for when you are out eating in a public place and wanna ensure little germies arent lurking on your table... STERMIST... can I say anymore it's the most wonderful product esp. in these times of swine flu and other winter nasties. www.sterimist.com.au

The Melbourne Craft and Quilt Fair is on this weekend, I will try and attend, not one to miss out on checking stuff out, not to mention buying a few things ;) Nicole and Suz will be there under their new business of budget scrapbooking so stop buy and BUY some of the great packs that they have for sale. www.budgetscrapbooking.com.au and http://www.craftfair.com.au/Melbourne2009/

Last but not least go see BRUNO if you can handle it, it's all good fun and the whole audience will be laughing, sick and naughty humour but who doesn't need a bit of that now and then! go see it, if you are brave.


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