Friday, July 11, 2008

time is slippin and so am I

Sorry all, have been indispose, or should I say bombarded by the school holidays. It's been busy busy.

Luna Park on Monday was fun! albiet freezing fricken cold... good ol Melbourne for you. Check out the pic above of my gorgeous boys x
Havent created much lately - need to seriously make cards for several little friends, although did do layouts last weekend at workshop, no journalling though - yes I deserve a slap for that!

Good news - entourage will be back on the screens for another season in a few months... ohhhh that Adrian Grenier is a hunk! Gets my spider senses tingling x

Hanging out for my little man to turn 3 next week, and give up his precious "bopples".

Am still having fun with my new nikon dslr but alas the dang flash I bought with it, doesnt work, or does, only when it feels like it, so back to the shop it goes!

Exciting news with Heidi Swapp coming to OZ in december, I better start saving my $$$$$.

Anyhoo back to the boring domestic stuff, or maybe time for a nana nap...hmmmm

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