Wednesday, July 16, 2008

My baby dark knight

i absolutely love it, My husband pure genius, yes hun you are the best. My son is now BATMAN, well just for his third birthday cd cover, he is one gorgeous little guy... brag! brag!

Had a fantastic day yesterday celebrating the big "3", he had so many lollies and cake and loads of wonderful presents from his nearest and dearest. Our Thomas roundhouse we bought him was a huge hit and he was laying on the floor most of the day, playing and working it all out (from every angle) to then sleeping with his die cast CARS cars... noisy things in the middle o the night I tell you.

Having a great get together tomorrow night for my stampin up! 1st ever stamp club called the artsy fartsy mummas, should be great, especially if our new stamps arrive in time, for more playing fun!

Have had a relaxing morning getting a facial and waxing done at the local beauty school where the 16 y/o took care of me so well. Then had to dash off (read: speed) to get to Indy's school to see her get her PUPIL OF THE WEEK award.

ciao for now - T

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  1. tan baby, LOVE the blog! very cute, can't wait to see pics from our debacle at rugrats, and holy crap, crash just jumped on my shoulders and i'm in an immense amount of pain... :O

    good god.


    you've inspired me to stop being such a slackass and start blogging again... sad sad thing is that i have TWO! (x's and mine)

    hugs to you babe... need to see you asap!