Sunday, February 8, 2009

Melbourne bush fires

What absolute sadness has come over our gorgeous state - bushfires that have claimed too many lives, houses and not to mention animals, I am saddened to hear of all the devastation but cannot switch off from listening, wanting to know more, wanting to know how I can help.
One of my better traits is being empathetic, but with this comes the sadness that sometimes overwhelms me when I hear of such heartbreak.
The beautiful town of Marysville is GONE, a place that hubby and I just visited late last year for a romantic rendeavouz, I just cannot believe that it has been burnt to the ground, I intend to do a layout of our weekend away there, and I will post when it is complete.
Tonight I am grateful, grateful that the fires came nowhere near us, grateful that my extended family and friends in warragul and drouin are safe and out of danger, grateful that I have the most loving family to go home to tonight after work.
To all those who are suffering and have lost, my heart goes out to you.


  1. Hi Tanya,
    Glad to see you and your family are safe. I will pray for you all and that the fires are soon under control and no more lives are lost. It must be dreadful for you all. It is awful watching from this side of the globe so it must be a hundred times worse for you as you are so close.
    Take care,

  2. Thanks ali, it is just so devastating here, so many people missing, children, animals... I just dont know what to do.