Monday, February 23, 2009

winning streak

Hello all
I received an email last night to say I'd won a book from scrapscene, scrapscene is a great source for different products and gorgeous work from all around, I love looking at it, it's always got something worth peeking at.
I think this will definately be my year to win lots. Well I hope anyway. A car would be lovely! ;)
A big month is ahead for us and me, with my 10th anniversary with hubby at the start of march, then off to scrapbook retreat no 1 for the year with Michele and Paula "retreats r us" then followed by a week of drinking eating and swimming at Phillip Island for our yearly holiday. Yahhh
Last night I found a great site which has creative and very pretty layouts - go here: there are sketches for inspiration.
I will post up a pic of my gorgeous girl going to a sleepover party up the road and also my latest layouts. (although one is on the side ooops)
Yesterday was the bushfire memorial day, it was a really nice, fitting tribute, the work is yet to begin for all those communities that will rebuild in the fire affected areas, the pain and heartache will be felt for years.
Go Heath! I am proud that he will take off the Oscar (surely) for best supporting actor, him in a nurses uniform is priceless, RIP heath x

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