Tuesday, February 3, 2009

winning - ah I love it!

hi y'all
I just had to add this post from Anna from Koko Vanilla Designs... I am a winner - yahhhh

go visit her at http://www.kokovanilladesigns.com.au/

gorgeous designs ;)

my winning post:

Winner of $15 Gift Voucher is....

Hi Guys,

Sorry its taken a bit long to get the winner announced but here is Melbourne we have had two consecutive days of 43 degrees and I am over it big time. There really isn' t much to do except go to the pools or shopping centres with good aircon. We have airconditioning but its only in our main family room and it's struggling to keep up. So sitting here typing this right now is pretty uncomfortable because I would say it's about 38 degrees in this room with no air flow so I can only stay on the computer and do stuff for 15 min intervals before I get too hot and have to go in the other room to cool down a bit.

Anyway thanks to the 3 ladies who commented I must say for all the lurkers on this blog I was a little disappointed there weren't more comments, but I understand that sometimes it takes courage to comment on blogs if you haven't done it before and time as well. It's just nice to get feedback especially when running a business on line because it's not as easy to gauge what customers like or don't like and often comments are a good way of getting communication back. Plus it's nice to check all your blogs and see who the circle of people that read my blog are so that I can comment on your blogs as well.

Okay so the winner was chosen by my eldest daughter, I put the 3 names in a bowl and she picked one out

The winner of the $15 gift voucher drumroll ************

Tanstar - Great tutorial, it inspires me to go home after work and try it out... the layout is gorgeous. I would love to see more of your future tutorials. Thanks for sharing.

So please contact me Tanstar at pontikis@netspace.net.au for your voucher details. woooooo i just love to win.....

need to scrap more!!!!

also if anyone needs any stampin up stuff I am here.

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